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Financing in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

Catherine Walters
Financial Consultant
U.S. Phone: 1-888-778-7638


Are you dreaming of owning beachfront property in Mexico? Let Pablo Realty and their financing division help you make your dreams a reality!


The process of owning a home in Mexico requires some education and understanding in order to have a successful and precise transaction. With the largest population of the United States reaching retirement age, purchases in Mexico are at an all time high.


Is purchasing property in Mexico different than in the United States? Yes!

If you are purchasing ‘residential’ property within certain distances of the beach or any border of Mexico you can obtain title control through a “bank trust.” This requires legal documents prepared only by a “Notario Publico” in Mexico. The Notario is a person who has training similar to a U.S. attorney, plus, a special ‘appointment’ to his position by the Mexican government. What needs to be remembered is that unless you take ownership through a Mexican “bank trust”, you do not have legal possession. Thus, to legally ‘resell’ property in Mexico it must be titled and registered properly by a Notario in a Mexican “bank trust” when purchased.


‘Terms’ of financing will differ because risks are higher for lenders with their security in Mexico. Down payments range from 25% to 30%. Rates are higher and credit score guidelines are similarly in place. Many buyers take out lines of credit on their current U.S. homes and property to accommodate purchases in Mexico.


Whatever your personal goals are for Mexico property ownership, our staff is ready with all the information you need to be successful in investing your hard earned money, and professional people to best serve your financing needs. We are available to assist you with financing properties throughout areas of Mexico…Phoenix, Az……and, San Diego, Ca.


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