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Frequently Asked Questions

Crossing into Mexico

The border at Lukeville/Sonoyta is closed between midnight and 6am
When you cross Mexican customs you have the obligation to declare if you have other merchandise besides your luggage. If this is the case you need to declare what you have and pay the corresponding taxes.You are allowed $50 USD tax free in NEW merchandise per person. You will also need to cross the fiscal traffic light that will determine the following:

  • Green Light: You are free to pass through without an inspection
  • Red Light: You get stopped and they inspect you stuff



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Permits Needed to Enter Mexico

No permits are needed to enter Mexico if you remain in the Free Zone, which includes Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point). If you’re bringing ATV’s, Jet skis, boats, or other recreational vehicles be sure to have the ownership documents.

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Mexican law states that you must have Mexican insurance while driving into Mexico. US policies are not recognized in Mexico.

The minimum you need is liability but full coverage is recommended. You may get insurance over the internet, phone, and mail or stop by various Insurance Agencies on the way to Rocky Point.

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Telephone Instructions

Call U.S. & Canada from Mexico: 001 + Area Code + 7 Digit Number
Collect from Mexico to U.S.: 090 (for bilingual operator)
Call overseas from Mexico: 00 + Country Code + City Code + Number
Call within Mexico: 01 + City Code + Number
AT&T Operator: 001-800-462-4240


Cellular Phones:
(In Rocky Point from land line) 044 + 638 + 7 Digit Number
(In Rocky Point from cell phone) 638 + 7 Digit Number
(Long distance cell phone from Rocky Point) 045 + City Code + 7 Digit Number
(U.S. & Canada to Rocky Point cell phone) 011 + 52 + 1 + 638 + 7 Digit Number


800 numbers are NOT free of charge unless I is a Mexico toll free number.
Call U.S. toll free numbers from Rocky Point: 001 + 800 + 7 Digit Number

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U.S. Consulate

The U.S. Consulate is located in Nogales, Mexico and helps U.S. citizens with any problems that may arise during visit.
From Mexico (01-631)311-8150
Fax (01-631)313-4652
From U.S. (011-52-631) 311-8150
Fax from U.S. Fax (011-52-631) 313-4652

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Notary Publics (Notario Publicos)

The Mexican Notary Public is a highly specialized lawyer authorized by the Mexican Government. They intervene in civil and commercial business as well as work with investors, businessmen and the general public. Your best interest is supposed to be the Notario Publicos main concern. You should consult a Notario on: Buying & Selling of property, Foreign Investments, Inheritance & Will, Mortgages, Financial Operation, Credit Titles, Arbitration, Civil and Commercial.


The Notario gives you judicial advisement. Every transaction you leave in a Notary’s hands will be a complete legal Mexican document. Their authority exceeds that of a Mexican lawyer and is similar to that of an arbitrator in the U.S.

Property owners tend to believe that the Notario Publicos and the public registry assure ownership of realty in Mexico. However, Mexico’s Notarios Publicos do not provide a warranty protecting a purchaser’s right as vested in the title.

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Rentals & Reservations

For beach front rentals and more go to


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ATM Machines

ATM’s are located at the local banks and have 24 hour access. ATM’s give pesos only.

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Money Exchange, Checks and Credit Cards

All merchants accept USD. If you would like to exchange your dollars into pesos, you can go to a bank or the money exchange houses. Some businesses accept credit cards and checks. Travelers Checks are accepted by some merchants but are not cashable at any bank.

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Medical Emergencies

The Cruz Roja (Red Cross) offers help to all at no charge. 3-22-66 A service called AirEvac will fly seriously injured persons back to the U.S. The Mexican phone number is 95-880-321-9522. From the U.S. it's 1-800-321-9522.


1-Stop Medical Clinic, contact Dr. Jesus Gonzales Gaytan at(638)-383-4422

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Animals you can bring

Pets (only dogs and cats) as long as you can verify that the animal is free of disease with a valid vaccine certificate. Keep an eye on your animals as many are lost in Rocky Point due to fireworks and unfamiliar surroundings.

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Dental Services

Several dentists in Puerto Peņasco welcome American patients.
We personally recommend DDS Sergio Lizarraga with 25 years of experience. Visit www.smilerockypoint.com

Welcome American patients at much less than American pricing.

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ATV Riding Rules

Do wear a helmet
Only 2 riders per bike
Don’t drink and drive or drive at night
Don’t speed (limit 25MPH)
Don’t pass on the right
No rider under the age of 16
Do not race, jump, do wheelies or donuts
Always abide by traffic laws, signs


The Police ask that You do not ride ATV’s on the main streets Benito Juarez, Blvd Fremont (to las Conchas) or anywhere in the Old Port. You may be fined if you are in these areas. Police are not permitted to collect fines on site.

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Scientific Attractions

CEDO (Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans) is open daily with educational exhibits and lectures Tuesday at 2:00 and Saturday at 4:00. It's located in Las Conchas. Cet-Mar Aquariums, also located in Las Conchas, features exhibits of local sea life. Pinacate, approached by a road going west from the highway into Rocky Point, is a volcanic area that has been used by NASA astronauts to simulate moon landings. It's part of the Biosphere Reserve, an ecological site supported by the U.S., Mexico, and the Tohono O'Odham nation.

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Public Transportation

There is a private bus service in Ajo (small town on the way from Phoenix) that goes from Phoenix and Tucson to Puerto Peņasco (Rocky Point) that connects at the Arizona/Mexico border (in Lukeville, AZ). Mota’s transportation service makes daily trips between Phoenix and Sonoyta. There is a public bus between Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco. www.MotasPlace.com

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Rental Cars in Rocky Point

Not all rental car companies permit taking their cars across the border. Enterprise, Advantage and Dollar will allow their cars into Mexico but you must carry Mexican insurance.
Saban’s at 2934 E McDowell in Phoenix rents into Mexico (602-273-7351).
In Rocky Point there is Rio Car Rental on Benito Juarez (383-8181), The Point Rent a Car, Manny’s Beach Club Limo Taxi (383-3605).

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How Much Liquor or Shrimp can be brought to the U.S. duty-free?

Each adult over 21 may bring up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverage per month and up to 5 kg (11 pounds) of fish

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Latitude & Longitude

Latitude - 31°, 19 minutes N
Longitude - 113° 32 minutes W

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Internet Service

There are many internet cafes throughout Puerto Peņasco (Rocky Point) where you can check your email or surf the web. Some RV Parks, hotels and condominium developments have wireless networks and/or computer centers for your use.
For DSL or dial-up connection you need to go through Telefonos de Mexico, call from Puerto Peņasco (Rocky Point) 1-800-123-2222.

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