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Emergency Medical in Rocky Point

First American Style Clinic at Rocky Point

For all the foreigners that have the pleasure of living at Rocky Point and want the peace of mind of having a “medical home” that is reliable, follows American medical standards, in your own language and at reasonable prices, 1-Stop Medical Clinic is here.


The clinic has, as it name states, all the outpatient services and equipment needed to provide diagnosis and treatment to patients with chronic illnesses to moderate medical emergencies, all done in one location.

Services: (Walk-ins welcomed, average 15 min. waiting, convenient location)

  1. Accurate Physician and Specialists Consultation.
  2. Laboratory and Pharmacy.
  3. X-Ray, Ultrasound and CTSCAN (The only one in Rocky Point).
  4. Procedure Room for: (Heart Stress Test, Upper and Lower Endoscopies, Skin Cancer, Biopsies, Lung testing for emphysema and asthma, Veins and Arteries studies, Prostate studies, Seizures Studies, Diabetic Neuropathy, etc…).

Dr. Jesus Gonzales Gaytan is the medical director and will be treating patients at 1-Stop Medical Clinic. He finished his medical studies here in Mexico, four years of specialty studies in Texas Tech University at El Paso, Texas and seventeen years of private practice in General and Internal Medicine in rural USA.


Dr. Alvaro Aburto Castillo, a local physician, who speaks 100% English and more than twenty-six years of General Medicine experience here in Rocky Point, will also be treating patients.


We are arranging to bring to 1-Stop Medical Clinic other specialist that our patients might require, avoiding the drive to Phoenix or Tucson.


We open seven days a week, eight hours a day 8am – 12 noon and 4pm – 8pm, extending the hours as needed. On-call physician available.


Located in Plaza Fremont, Blvd Fremont and Jose Ma. Morelos
Tel/Fax in Rocky Point (638)-383-4422