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Investing in Mexico

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As the edge of the sun slipped into the Sea of Cortez, the Old Port corner of Puerto Penasco, Mexico kicks into high gear. Bunches of sunburned tourist rolled in, fresh from the beach, poring over vendors seashell necklaces and slipping into open-air cafes for fish tacos and margaritas. It was a classic seaside resort town scene: casual, small and quaint.


Peering west from the water’s edge toward Puerto Penasco’s extended arm, Sandy Beach, and you see a starkly different vista taking shape: a jagged wall of a dozen massive new condo-hotel resorts, in varying states of construction, rising toward the sky like a new Cancun.


To the crowds of sun-loving tourists who are now flocking here from the United States, the new development is a welcome new addition to Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, as it’s called in English.


The town – blessed with surreal desert-meets-sea landscape, balmy year-around temperatures, English speaking expatriates and an intact Old Port fishing village - has lured a mix of Arizona retirees and spring break revelers for years. Now, with its growing crop of new restaurants and upscale resorts that please middle-American tastes and budgets, Rocky Point is a draw to more vacationers.


Although the narrow beaches here are coarse and beige-more like New Jersey than Yucatan – this is the closets shoreline to Arizona, just 225 miles from Phoenix and Tucson. And the town, an hour south of the border, is in Mexico’s free zone so tourist form the United States need no permits to cross the border.


Real estate prices are still affordable compared with those other beach resorts, making it a relatively easy to snag a beachfront condo. Meanwhile, plans for Puerto Penasco and its surrounding deserts continue to expand. With more than 40 large-scale developments in construction or expansion, plus 2 new 18 hole golf courses at the new Las Palomas and Mayan Islands, it sure to be a golfers dream.


A small airport for charter flights now offered by Westwind Air Service re-opened in September 2005 after a $2.5 million renovation; an international airport now under construction for the first runway September 2007 will be a welcoming addition to the Governors convention.


Also, being developed and build is a scenic inter-costal highway that will link to Puerto Penasco with cities to the north and bringing California within 5 hours drive-time to this booming town.


With the announcement of the free zone to extend south to San Carlos/Guaymas more and more tourist are finding Mexico an investment opportunity of a lifetime. The new costal highway and future international airport for Penasco will be a key for the future growth of Rocky Point.


The expansion of the free zone to Guaymas will further stimulate the growth of San Carlos because of its deep seaside ports and sport fishing. San Carlos already benefits by already having a four-lane toll interstate highway already in place form Nogales (border) to Guaymas.


As a result, Puerto Penasco is constantly being mentioned as one of the four major growth areas of second homes for foreigners (Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Puerto Penasco) in Mexico.


Puerto Penasco continues to be considered one of the top ‘four’ residential growth areas in Mexico by both the government housing authorities and private lending communities. One only needs to follow the inter-coastal plan along the seacoast to San Carlos to know that it too will become a new haven for opportunity and community growth.


The benefits for San Carlos are more far-reaching because air travel will bring people from the east to Phoenix Sky Harbor, with an extension to the Capital city of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico, and an hour highway trip by rental car to sport fishing, boating, boat marina’s, quaint Mexican culture, affordable housing and restaurants, to expensive lavish dinner accommodations.


Government officials from the State of Sonora, see this as a quickly growing area with great potential


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