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About Paul "Pablo" Turville

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“Live You’re Dreams in Mexico” is a motto I have always communicated to people. In it I try to convey my positive experience of living in Mexico.


Since 1999, I have lived in this quaint little fishing village nicknamed “Rocky Point”, and have experienced the expansion of one of Mexico’s top four growth areas. As an experienced real estate broker, I can assist you through all phases of a legal buying experience in Mexico. Answering question like:

  • Are there any limitations in Mexico for the ownership of land or house by foreigners?
  • What is a Mexican bank trust?
  • What is the approximate amount of the annual fees charged by banks for administration of real estate trusts?
  • Who is involved in a bank trust?
  • How much does the bank trust cost?
  • How does the trust work?
  • What are the writes as a buyer?
  • Is the trust renewable?
  • Who is involved in real estate transactions in Mexico?
  • What are the rights as a buyer?
  • What role does a Notary Public (Notario Publico) play?
  • What documents are required to formalize a real estate acquisition?
  • If at later date I decide to sell my property, can anyone buy it?
  • When buying or selling a property in Mexico, who pays the closing costs?
  • Do I need an immigration permit during the time that I live or travel in Mexico?
  • Can I finance my purchase?


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